November 1, 2017

Widowhood, an unfortunate word that would not have been created had the Fall not taken place (Genesis 3). I’m talking death here.

I know, it’s not a happy subject. But let me share with you how the good Lord is bringing me through this devastating loneliness. My prayer is that it helps you scale that mountain of grief and when you reach the top, you rejoice in the Savior.

This could be sad for some (well, duh), and it will probably be encouraging (Yes, please!). What I want most of all is to make you laugh.


It’s one of the many ways the Lord has helped me through all this, shall we say, stuff.

Laughter is a good thing. When I am extremely tired or hurting, I get silly. I’ve been tired and/or hurting for, oh, about 7 years. That means I’ve been pretty funny (well, I laugh at myself a lot).
Look at what the Bible says:
 “A time to weep,
    And a time to laugh;
A time to mourn,
    And a time to dance;…” (Ecclesiastes 3:4 NKJV)
It’s interesting to me that the progression of emotions/actions goes from weeping to laughing and from mourning to dancing. Only the Lord can affect such a true change. I haven’t hit dancing quite yet, but the laughter is there. Just ask my friends–they’ll tell you how goofy I am. 

Okay, the words I am associating with each letter from widowhood are as follows:

W – Weeping (Gotta do it)
I – Immanuel
D – Depression (oh, man, it sucks)
O – One day at a time
W – Women
H – Humor (Look, there it is, laughter)
O – O – Omniscient One (see how I combined the double Os?)
D – Deliverer

As you can guess, this will be a series of 9 posts, including this introduction. We as writers are told to write about what we know. I wish I didn’t know about this.

What do you think? Want to laugh? Me, too, with joy.

  1. Lisa, I’m grateful the Lord is giving you joy and laughter in the midst of grief. Your post will surely be a blessing to readers. I will share with friends who are sharing your journey.

  2. wow I didn’t know this aspect of your story, Lisa. First so sorry but rejoicing with you in the lessons you are gleaming from this chapter of your life. Your words blessed me today

  3. Hello Lisa my name is Marie and I have been the dreaded W word for 14 months. My sweet Sandy went home to be with the Lord on December 4th 2016. I look forward to your posts so I can laugh with you also

  4. Hello Lisa my name is Marie and my husband Sandy went to be with the Lord on December 4th 2016. So I am 14 months into the W word. I look forward to your blogs and laughing with you

    1. Hi, Marie. I am sorry to hear of your loss. I hope your days get better as time passes (and they will).
      I’ve been dealing with ongoing grief, which led to a mean writer’s block. But I’m baaaack, (thank God). Please look forward to more posts and I pray they help you get through this hard process.

  5. I’m 100% behind Marshall’s book, I worked with him for years at the Gorge power plant , he was very instrumental in my giving my life to Christ, he was probably the only person I didn’t scare, tell him I want a signed copy

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