The Book Proposal

October 18, 2017

I love my brother in the Lord, Marshall Brandon. In addition to his godly walk and numerous examples of continual reliance on the Lord, he makes me laugh. Even in the midst of the place that held him in physical bondage (where we were headed when we snapped this pic), we found reasons to rejoice and, well, cut up.

Last week I sent in the book proposal for Marshall’s memoir as requested by an agent. Being asked to submit one was a big victory, one we both looked at with humility because there’s still a ways to go. The looks on our faces reflect that “I just voluntarily went into the prison that held me” and “I’m hitting the send button.” It’s a moment of angst that needs comic relief. We bring it to each other, thank God.

Writing a book proposal is akin to creating a business plan. It’s not as blood-rending as writing a book, but it demands as much creativity. And it requires a presence in social media to stand out and make the authors viable to an agent and publisher. Marshall said, “Why are we doing all of this now? Shouldn’t we have a published book first?”

Frankly, it’s backward, as anyone in the publishing business will tell you. It used to be different; the publisher would take an author under his wing and do much of the promotion for them. That’s not the case anymore unless you’re a mega-writer whose books sell millions by the power of your name.

Now, the writers are the ones who promote and bring inherent sales for the book through every channel an author can muster. My writing coach, bless her heart, gave me the task to make a list of everyone I know, from the phlebotomist I casually told about the book to my closest family member. This is when all those social media “friends” come in handy. This list becomes fuel for the fire of publicity and hopefully book sales.

Included in the proposal are chapter titles and their synopses, comparable books, marketing plan, target audience, a few chapters of the book (so the agent can see if the author can write), and the ever-important list of endorsements. I’m thankful Marshall knows a lot of influential people, a number of them went on this list.

If you do and would, please pray for a quick, thumbs-up, “Yes. Let’s get you signed” response from one of the agents (and from a reliable publisher). Marshall’s story needs a broad audience so it can accomplish our vision; to make Jesus known and to offer hope and encouragement in His name.

Please sign up for updates on my website ( and like each of our pages on Facebook. Mine is Lisa Kibler – Author. Marshall’s is Pastor Marshall Brandon/Ambassador for Christ.


  1. I’m thankful the proposal has been mailed, taking you one step closer to publication. This book will enlighten and encourage readers while glorifying God. I enjoyed the update and love the photo!

  2. Lisa,
    I am a friend of Jeannie’s. She has shared so much about you that I feel as though I know you already. Of course, with Jeannie, she makes us all feel like we are her closest friend. She speaks very highly of you and looking at your blog I feel as though I know you already.

    I am praying for the proposal and I hope we get to meet one day soon.

    1. Hi, Karen!
      yes, since we all collaborated on her website design, we are already knitted together in deed! And yes, Jeannie is such a warm person who exudes the love of Christ. We know the Lord put us together. I hope to get to Georgia this summer; I hope we can meet while I am there. Thank you so much fopr praying for the proposal.

  3. I’ve known Marshall for over 25 years! He is the quintessential example I’ve used over these last decades as someone who truly turned his life around and has walked in the Spirit of God to accomplish it. No he’s not perfect, but he is truly a man who loves God and lives out loud his love for God!

  4. Thanks again for walking thru this exciting journey with my lifelong childhood friend/neighbor/family. So excited & anxiously await acceptance & release of Marshall’s memoirs. Ours is still a close-knit village connected through FB & we’re ready to celebrate with Marshall

  5. Hi Lisa, I can’t tell you how excited I am for you and Marshall as you take the next step toward publishing. I will both purchase this book and also plan to buy as gifts!!! Marshall’s story is so powerful and timely! In many ways, it is the answer to what is wrong with today’s world. So happy for you both!

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