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January 9, 2019

Hey, Marshall! Look what the Lord has done!

This picture was taken at the 2018 Ohio Christian Writers Conference right after I cried my way up to and back from the podium to accept the first-place award for Someplace to be Somebody, Pastor Marshall Brandon’s memoir I’ve crafted. Joy! Joy! Guess what else God did? He saw that we would get a perfect score, too. What? Woot!

It’s a humbling thing, because I didn’t write this on my own. Yet it is exactly what the Lord does when He prepares hearts for whatever He will do next. He worked in Marshall’s life before he was even born, and He worked in mine to bring us together for “such a time as this,” to craft this book when our country is in such disarray. So much hate, so much misundertsanding, and so many untruths cloud the hearts and minds of those who have refused the call to freedom, peace, and joy in Christ. It is our prayer that many hearts and lives will be changed through God’s story in Marshall’s life.

I am always delighted at what the Lord does, because He only does wondrous things, like:

  • Revealing my latent passion for writing
  • Connecting me with my beloved Marshall and Katika Brandon
  • Helping me excel in my craft through… Wow, do I have enough room to put all the people and  avenues God has used to keep me growing? Okay, here goes a partial list:
    • My sweet Sam. He was my first and stoutest supporter before the Lord took him home just four years ago.
    • Marshall and Tik (well, duh 🙂 )
    • Jerry B. Jenkins (His writing did what we pray my writing will do.)
    • Ginger Moran (She helped me string the “bones” of the story together. )
    • ALL of the amazing faculty/teachers, and staff who serve at:
      • Serious Writers Academy (
      • Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writers Conference (
      • Ohio Christian Writers Conference
      • Greater Philly Christian Writers Conference (
      • North Georgia Christian Writers Conference (
      • Writer to Writer Conference (Hershey, PA, 2015)
      • Word Weavers, Int’l. and my local WW tribe
    • Nan Smith (through thick and thin, my beloved, godly sister/friend)
    • Hartline Agency/Cyle Young/Tessa Emily Hall (my agent)!
    • Jeannie Waters (my beloved southern sister and constant critique partner)
    • Prayer warriors who lift this God-honoring project up to our great God.

Yes, I can go on and on because that’s what God does. He builds us up alongside brothers and sisters whose first priority is to bring Him glory.

We are still waiting for a publisher, but we know it’s in God’s time, because only He knows which one He will uses to reach the people He has chosen.

Whatever task you have as a creative of any sort, make sure to include people who will come alongside you and encourage, pray, counsel, critique, and yes, laugh with you. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable, because in opening yourself up, you grow.

I will pray with and for you. Just add a comment or send me an email.

It’s what we do.




  1. Lisa, the award is such a wonderful example of God blessing obedience. Thank you for the reminder to partner with fellow believers as we follow Christ and this testimony of how God works in the lives of His people.

  2. So amazed by the work God is doing in and to and through you and Marshall. Honored to pray for this project and all that is involved in launching this incredible story of God’s love and redemption.

  3. Congratulations sweet Lisa! So thrilled to see how God is moon ways only He can to bring glory to His story – and giving you a few awesome kudos along the way! We love you!

  4. Whoop! Whoop!

    God is good! I can’t wait to read it. Praying for the right publisher to find you!

    Love you sis and Marshal and Tik, too.

  5. Lisa,
    All I can do is praise God for his wonderful goodness toward those who put their faith in Him. I’m delighted to hear about of the progress of this project. I feel extremely blessed to know Marshall and Katika, personally as friends. I’m also am happy to have met and fellowshiped with you as well. Each of you are very special to me.
    I know this book will be published and read by many, in the Lord’s timing. Just knowing Marshall’s testimony ensures me that many lives will be touched and changed by this book. I am a living witness to your ministry to others.
    God bless you, Lisa for being steadfast and obedient to this calling. Our God is sooooo big !

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