October 1, 2018

So a horse walks into a bar…

Sam and I laughed—we laughed a lot. 

It got so “bad” that we would only have to say a punchline to crack up together. 

He told me he laughed harder hearing me laugh than at whatever the two of us were laughing at.

That’s five times I used the word “laugh” or a derivative within three sentences. 

That’s a LOT of laughter (okay six in five). 

I miss it.

Sometimes I will crack myself up and say out loud, “Ah, Sammy, you should be here to tell me how stupid that was.” 

And then I will add, “Lord, please tell Sam I miss him. Tell him I am still laughing, but it’s not the same.”

Okay, enough with the laughter.


I love to giggle, laugh, guffaw, chortle, chuckle, titter, and yes, yuk it up. The featured image of this post picture was taken of my bestie, Nan, my niece, Jennafer, and me in front of that, “squat tower”(inside joke) in Paris. I said something goofy and snapped this selfie. I have that print framed and hanging in my kitchen where I see it every day. Right above it is a plaque that reads, “We don’t stop laughing because we get old; we get old because we stop laughing.” I believe it and I try to live it every day.

Just ask my friends and family. This girl is the comic relief.

God gave me a necessary gift. He knew when He was going to take Sam home and He knew I’d need a fall-back on the emotional morass his death brought to me.

“I’m going to give that girl a huge dose of mirth. I hope she doesn’t laugh at all the wrong moments.”

I do.

It can be a downright serious moment and a visual pops in my head which causes me to almost pee my pants trying not to laugh. I get the gravity of the issue, but come on, if it’s not life-threatening or doesn’t involve an eternal loss, I’m going to find some humor in it.


Humor isn’t hard; you just have to look for it in the everyday, mundane parts of life. It’s a rough enough road to travel after the loss of a husband; trying to get through without a chuckle does no one any good. 

Sam died eight days before Christmas 2014. Eight days! Even in the grace-fog the Lord gave me, He gave me laughter. I have a picture of me and my great nieces stair-sliding in my house, Yes, I looked worn, but I had a smile on my face. What a great gift from Jehovah Jireh (the Lord who provides).

Remember, it’s not truly a good-bye if you both know the Lord. It’s a “see you later.” How cool is that?  Don’t let me make you think that there aren’t rough times. I just went through a desperately lonely time, and I know more are coming. But mirth shines, thank God.

 God has given us eternal life, and this life is in His Son (Jesus Christ). I know Him! I am saved! One day I will see Sam in His presence.

Shoot, I might even giggle as I crawl on my knees to meet my Savior and then afterward, hug that sweet man He gave me while on earth. We will get to worship Him together. Wow!

Yeah, okay. Here’s the whole of the old joke:

So, a horse walks into a bar, and the bartender asks, “Why the long face?”

Made ya giggle, didn’t I?

I pray you find your humor and laughter. It’s a gift to help get us through so much hard stuff. Let me know how I may pray for you.

Until next time, leaning in.

  1. What a gifted writer you are! You made me smile and almost shed a tear as I read about your laughter and sorrows. Thank you for reminding us that we can experience God’s joy in the midst of valleys.

  2. I Love This💕💕💕.. He loved listening to you and I talk on the phone and talk our gibberish🤣🤣.. I sure miss him!!! I love You!!

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