Book Review: Write His Answer

April 17, 2018

 One of the many things writers do besides, well, write, is read books, many books. I’ve read a lot of them on the art and craft of writing as recommended by my favorite authors. It was my non-writing friend, Nan, though, who gave me a copy of Marlene Bagnull’s book, Write His Answer. She gifted me with it right after a writing conference I “forced” her to attend with me very shortly after my husband’s heavenly homegoing.

My husband had previously told me to go, because my mentor, Jerry B. Jenkins was at the conference. Don’t get too excited; Jerry is the mentor to many aspiring writers. So off we went, me to fulfill a promise and Nan to support her friend. A little aside: I came to faith through the Left Behind book series, and I was privileged to meet and have my picture taken with Jerry on the anniversary of my conversion (yes, I was excited).

Nan and I were both inspired by the conference, and when we returned to our homes, she got on Amazon and happened upon this book. Happen-chance? Nah, I believe God led her to it. She bought two copies, one for her and one for me.

I haven’t seen this gem on any list, and that’s a shame because it is a spiritual look at why we write. The author calls it a Bible study for Christian writers, and it is that. But it is also a very introspective book. Marlene draws us first inward to define who we are in Christ. That prepares us to write so that our output brings Him glory.

What the author shares in this book transformed how I think and work as a writer. If I ever thought of fame and fortune (and really, what writer hasn’t had at least some aspirations to be a big cheese?), my motives have been changed. As I read, look up all the Scriptures, and journal my way through it at least once a year, my writing becomes less mine and more God’s. That is indeed freeing.

Lately, I have purchased the book for a few friends who dream of being writers. I surprised one with it, and when it arrived, she said, “Thanks for the Bible study. I’ll read it while we are away.” A bit tepid, right? I smiled, knowing her reaction upon reading it would belie that initial response. The next morning I received this text, “Oh Lisa! I am only a few pages in and already I have filled three pages in a journal I brought specifically for doing this study…So already in such a short 45 minute time, God has said to me – Kathy, you are my beloved and I have called you to this. I will give you all you need.”

Isn’t that the coolest?

If you want to write (and even if you don’t), I hope you read this book. It will help anyone who aspires to focus on God in whatever vocation they work. It is worth every penny and amount of time you put into it. A click on the picture within this story will take you to its Amazon page.

Let me know how it impacts you. And yes, it’s on my recommended reading list.

  1. Thank you for reminding me how valuable this resource is. I’m one of the writers you gifted the book to and I’m grateful! I truly believe anyone seeking to use God’s gifts will benefit from studying it.

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