Book Review: Spiritual Prepper

October 17, 2017

This cover is excellent, don’t you think? That’s what drew me in, and then the subtitle continued, “Tapping Into Overlooked Prophecies to Prepare You for Doomsday.” In today’s climate, “prepping” often refers to kooks who obsess about stockpiling food and survival gear. Sounds ominous, right?

I looked into the book, expecting a treatise on how to prepare to overcome spiritual enemies such as the antichrist, the false prophet, etc. Nope, this book is about the here and now, warning people of spiritual doomsdays. Spiritual doomsdays are times when living the Christian life becomes too much (for many reasons) for an individual, and he (or she) turns away from the faith.

All in all, Spiritual Prepper is a sober look at what often happens to Christians in their daily walk. It reveals the spiritual aspect of the Bible’s prophecies (with many biblical references). It’s not sensational, but it’s essential in the life of today’s Christian.

The real stories serve as a wake-up call to guard our minds against the wiles of the evil one. Jake points readers to a “master spiritual checklist” to prepare for the spiritual doomsday that will surely strike the life of every believer.

I liken this work to the book of Jeremiah; he too wept for and warned a nation of impending judgment. Jake is very clear that our faithfulness as Christians will be under almost constant attack, for we are “as weak as Peter.” It was a hard read because the stories he shared were of people who faltered and fell, and I found myself looking for some bright spots. What reading it did was draw me deeper into the Bible to “gird up my spiritual loins” with encouragement and direction from the Lord. I somehow think that’s what Jake intended all along.

Jake McCandless and I “met” via the wonderful Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writers Group (BRMCWG) on Facebook. We both attended the conference but didn’t meet in person. Jake heads Prophecy Simplified, a ministry that “partners with local churches to bridge end-time prophecy to everyday life through preaching, training, and creating resources.” *Jake gifted this book to me. 

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