Agent! O, agent!

April 26, 2018

Bob Hostetler, he did it. He up and rejected my book proposal. Marshall offered to “go Youngstown” on him, but we opted to let him live. 😹

When I saw his email, which arrived less than two weeks after I submitted the book proposal for Someplace to Be Somebody, Marshall Brandon’s memoir, I was excited.
“Wow, that was fast; he must like it.”
His first line?
“Aside from hating your guts…”

I laughed because even though my friendship with Bob is in its infancy, I appreciate his wry (and timely) sense of humor. I’ve seen a lot of it come out on Facebook and Twitter, and I respond with many laughing emojis and groans. This painfully (at least this time) honest and sincere agent has agreed to let me interview him at an upcoming writers conference. Wanna guess what my first question will be?

Why does he hate my guts? Because I got to attend a play at the prestigious American Shakespeare Center in Staunton, Virginia and he hasn’t been there yet. 😛

Then came the “Wham, I am going to hit you over the head” moment.
“I’m afraid, however, that I must disappoint on this project.”


I cried, and I gathered (via texts and phone calls) a bunch of dear friends and family to commiserate with me. Then I froze for a day or two.
Bob’s not a bad guy. In fact, his kindness was on full display when he said he’d look at my proposal because I knew he was not looking for the kind of book I have written.
He offered great encouragement when he said it is a worthy project and intimated it most probably will be published and do well. Yay!

I didn’t stay frozen for long. There is much to do in preparing the field for the blessed rain the Lord will send.

Marshall’s book is one that needs publishing. It’s a story that only our sovereign God can orchestrate. Please join Marshall and me as we press on and pray for God to send us to the right agent and publishing house. “Agent, O agent. Wherefore art thou, o agent?”

Bob Hostetler, in addition to being an agent for the Steve Laube agency, is a Shakespeare devotee, and he wrote an award-winning book titled, “The Bard and the Bible,” a delightful and insightful devotional tying the Bard’s (that would be Shakespeare’s) words with Scripture. I’m happy to own a copy and use it in my morning devotions.

You can click on the picture of the book to see more about it:

                            Hi! My name is Bob Hostetler. I am alive and well, and I approved this message.

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