About Lisa

Lisa Kibler is an author, blogger, and a ponderer. She has a passion for music, reading, traveling, and for experiencing God’s Word and His creation. She loves to encourage others to do the same.

She has been a Christian since January 17, 2000 (Yes, she remembers the day well).

Lisa grew up in Alliance, Ohio and met her future husband, bass player, Sam when she was but 15 years old.  They married five years later and experienced the joy of 37 years of marriage before the Lord took Sam home in 2014. Sam came to know Jesus as Lord only 5 months after Lisa, and immediately became part of the worship team at the church body the Lord led them to.

According to the Lord’s timing, Lisa started writing earnestly when she was 53 years old.  She trained with the Christian Writer’s Guild and continues with Jerry Jenkins’ Guild (www.Jerrysguild.com). It doesn’t always happen this way, but Lisa’s first query to a magazine was accepted and her first story was published in the September/October 2012 edition of Celebrate Gettysburg magazine. Gettysburg was Sam and Lisa’s favorite town and it remains Lisa’s. She goes back every year to refresh and to visit friends.

She frequents writing conferences and has had a devotional published by CBN.com. She is also the president of the Kent, Ohio chapter of the Word Weavers critique group (http://www.Word-Weavers.com)

Sam’s last months and then passing into the presence of the Lord caused a pause in her writing career as Lisa grieved. But the Lord is drawing her through it and has equipped her to write.

Lisa hired a writing coach to complete her narrative nonfiction of Marshall’s Brandon’s life. The treasure trove of interviews has been fashioned into a completed work. As of July 2017, she is searching for an agent and publisher.

She continues with other venues as well, submitting articles and stories for books, online publications, and printed publications.

Lisa has a sister with whom she is close and two nieces who are like daughters to her. She fiercely loves her grandnieces and grandnephews and she is blessed with a large group of close friends.

Currently a member of the Chapel in North Canton, Ohio, Lisa is excited to be part of the upcoming church plant in Kent.

Lisa’s prayer is to bring God glory through the talents and capabilities He’s given her.

Soli Deo gloria